Powdery mildew of the sage

  Powdery mildew or white sickness is a cryptogamic disease, that is of fungal origin, which can affect sage plants and occurs on the leaves. This is the most frequent pathology among those that can affect this aromatic herb and occurs in particular with mild temperatures and high humidity. It is a very simple disease to identify: because the white patches that are seen on the leaves of the sage are very characteristic. A reader of Orto Da Coltivare, Barbara, asks me exactly what her plant can have, describing the symptoms of powdery mildew. I answer publicly because I think it may be useful for many to know how to defend themselves from this problem with natural methods and above all how to prevent it. Recognizing powdery mildew on sage Those who cultivate the vegetable garden will already know powdery mildew because it is a frequent pathology also on other cultivated plants, in particular on pumpkin and courgette. Powdery mildew is also called white sickness precisely because it work

Fried noodles: the recipe of the oriental dish seasoned with vegetables

Fried noodles are a first course that comes from the oriental gastronomic tradition. Both in China and in Japan they prepare themselves not only in many ways but, even, with different techniques. This feature makes the noodles a versatile dish, the thickness of which can vary according to the area of ​​origin. Only the three main ingredients – flour, water and salt – remain unchanged because they are the starting point of all the pasta that has an ancient tradition.


RED PEPPER 1 • 15 kcal
CARROT 1 • 21 kcal
CHAMPIGNON MUSHROOMS 100 gr • 750 kcal
SHALLOW 1 • 29 kcal
CHILLI 1 • 29 kcal
SOY SPROUTS 100 gr • 49 kcal
SOY SAUCE 50 ml • 750 kcal
Salt to taste. • 0 kcal
OIL q.s.
NOODLES 200 gr • 138 kcal
The calories refer to 100 grams of the product

How fried noodles are prepared

Peel a red pepper, a green pepper, a carrot and 100 g of champignon mushrooms. Make the peppers and carrot into strips (1) and sliced ​​mushrooms (2). Put a drizzle of oil and a chopped shallot in a wok pan. When the latter has wilted, add the vegetables and sautĂ© them for a few minutes in the pan. Add the chilli, bean sprouts and continue cooking. After about ten minutes, add the apple cider vinegar, soy sauce and season with salt. Let it flavour and turn off the heat.

Boil the noodles in salted water for 2 minutes (3), pass them under a jet of cold water and divide them into four parts. Place the spaghetti on a sheet of absorbent paper and heat some seed oil in a pan. When it is hot, place the first portion of spaghetti on it, shaping it with a fork. Turn to brown on both sides, then remove from heat and proceed until all the pasta has been fried. Arrange each nest of noodles on a plate and cover each with the vegetables. Serve them still hot.

Fried noodles
Fried noodles
Fried noodles


Fried noodles can be prepared with your favourite vegetables, the important thing is to follow the recipe procedure.

Where can you find noodles? In all ethnic markets or in large supermarkets.

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