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Oatmeal Yogurt Cups

Oatmeal yogurt cups, they are very easy and perfect for a healthy and fresh breakfast! I recommend you prepare them in advance, store them in a food bag and stuff them in the morning for breakfast. We can use the yogurt we like best, white, fruit, vegetable or Greek yogurt! oatmeal yogurt cups can also be a tasty and healthy snack, instead of sugar I used honey and to mix everything with a banana. Let’s decorate them with whatever we prefer like jam, chocolate topping or fresh fruit! Let’s see together how to make them! INGREDIENTS FOR OATMEAL YOGURT CUPS a ripe banana 100 g of oat flakes 60 g of honey yogurt to taste fruit or topping to taste Preparation of Oatmeal Yogurt Cups First in a bowl we cut and mash a banana. We also combine the oat flakes and honey. We mix all the ingredients well and we must obtain a well-blended compound. At this point, we take a well-oiled muffin mould. So we make our baskets, coating the inside of the mould and raise the edges well. We cook in a fan oven