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Italian apple tart-Without eggs

The Italian apple tart is a very easy and autumnal dessert, perfect to keep in our pantry for breakfast or snack. It is a tart with a yoghurt shortcrust pastry Without Eggs and Without Butter, it is light and crumbly thanks to the Bread of Angels Yeast for Sweets, everyone will like it! Inside it hides a soft and creamy apple filling, while on the surface it is caramelized and crunchy. To replace the eggs I used a mix of yoghurt and Potato Starch, they will make our tart soft and crumbly! Let’s see together how to make it happen! INGREDIENTS FOR ITALIAN APPLE TART FOR THE SHORT PASTRY: 150 g of yoghurt 2 tablespoons of potato starch 80 ml of sunflower oil 120 g of sugar 2 teaspoons of baking powder 350 g of flour zest of an untreated lemon FOR THE STUFFING: 3 medium apples juice of half a lemon 2 tablespoons of sugar + to decorate on top Preparation Let’s start by preparing our mix to replace the eggs: in a bowl, combine the yoghurt with the Potato Starch. We mix well with a fork. At t


The cauliflower focaccia is a high and soft pizza stuffed with potatoes, cauliflower and mozzarella. In today’s recipe, we used purple cauliflower but green or white cauliflower is also fine. This cauliflower focaccia is perfect for the autumn season and the arrival of winter, it is prepared in a few hours and you can make it the day before for the next, just keep it in the fridge and reheat it at the moment. It is very soft and if you want you can stuff it with your favourite vegetables, due to its height and consistency it is very reminiscent of Genoese focaccia. It is perfect as an appetizer, for an aperitif or to be served on holidays. INGREDIENTS 350 g of flour 10 g of fresh brewer’s yeast 300 g of water 1/2 teaspoon of salt 2 tablespoons of olive oil FOR THE DRESSING 1 cauliflower 100 g mozzarella 2 medium potatoes olive oil as needed Salt to taste onion to taste FOR PEOPLE-8 Preparation of cauliflower focaccia In a bowl, we start by pouring all the flour, if you want you can als


Today I will talk to you about chocolate, its virtue chocolate and the benefits it brings to our body and our mood. Over the years, the image of chocolate has been tarnished by a series of clichés and false beliefs. How many times have you heard: “chocolate causes pimples!”, Or “chocolate makes you fat!” or even “chocolate raises cholesterol!”. All these statements are wrong, it is enough to consume it in the right quantity and on the contrary, it brings many benefits. I’ll give you another good news when we hear around that chocolate improves mood … it really is! It has been scientifically proven that a square of chocolate a day makes you really happy! NUTRITIONAL PROPERTIES OF CHOCOLATE Undoubtedly, dark chocolate belongs to the category of energetic foods, since 100 grams provide about 500 kcal. Things are no better with milk chocolate and the calories go up to 550 per 100 grams of the product. So making a short calculation, if we are on a very strict diet, an entire bar of chocolat