Anise or anisette liqueur

aniseed liqueur

Anise is a spice with a very intense and particular taste. If you love its aroma, you can try to prepare a delicious aniseed liqueur to offer to your guests after dinner or to give on some special occasion.

Like all liqueurs, the preparation of anisette is very simple and aniseed is used and left to infuse. The recipe that we propose will allow you to create a fragrant liqueur, but with a delicate taste, capable of satisfying even those who do not love this spice excessively. If you want a more intense aroma and a strong taste, the procedure will be very simple: just simply increase the amount of anise used. The use of star anise can be an interesting variant of the classic anisette.

Preparation time: BOLD 10 minutes + 3 weeks of rest

Ingredients for 500 ml of liqueur: 

* 180 ml of alcohol at 96 °

* 320 ml of water

* 150 g of sugar

* 20 g of anise seeds

Seasonality: BOLD recipes for the whole year

Dish: BOLD liqueur

How to prepare aniseed liqueur.

Infuse the anise seeds in alcohol in a tightly closed glass jar. Let them rest for 7 days, shaking them at least once a day. After the time has elapsed, filter the alcohol and transfer it to a glass bottle.

Then prepare the syrup of water and sugar by putting the two ingredients in a saucepan on the stove and bringing to a boil: the syrup will be ready when the liquid is clear again. Let it cool and add it to the alcohol. Shake to mix well and let the spirits rest for 3-4 weeks before serving the anisette.

aniseed liqueur

Variations to the anisette recipe.

Anise has a very particular taste, but it goes well with other aromas such as citrus fruits or spices, if dosed in the right way they can give very satisfying results. Are you ready to experiment with new recipes and dosages?

* Oranges. You can flavor the aniseed liqueur with some untreated orange peel.

*Star anise. You can try to prepare this liqueur using star anise instead of aniseed.

*Cinnamon. Try adding a cinnamon stick as well for an even more spicy taste.


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