Powdery mildew of the sage

  Powdery mildew or white sickness is a cryptogamic disease, that is of fungal origin, which can affect sage plants and occurs on the leaves. This is the most frequent pathology among those that can affect this aromatic herb and occurs in particular with mild temperatures and high humidity. It is a very simple disease to identify: because the white patches that are seen on the leaves of the sage are very characteristic. A reader of Orto Da Coltivare, Barbara, asks me exactly what her plant can have, describing the symptoms of powdery mildew. I answer publicly because I think it may be useful for many to know how to defend themselves from this problem with natural methods and above all how to prevent it. Recognizing powdery mildew on sage Those who cultivate the vegetable garden will already know powdery mildew because it is a frequent pathology also on other cultivated plants, in particular on pumpkin and courgette. Powdery mildew is also called white sickness precisely because it work


The broad bean and mint salad is a fresh and very tasty dish, ideal to serve as a side dish or even accompanied by bread bruschetta. It is a very simple and quick salad to make, you can use both fresh beans and frozen beans in bags. Once seasoned you can keep it for 2-3 days in the fridge, they will remain very good.


350-400 g of broad beans
1/2 clove of garlic
wild mint to taste
salt up to taste
EVO oil to taste
vinegar to taste
feta cheese to taste

Preparation of bean and mint salad

In the salad bowl, pour the cooked beans. Chop half a clove of garlic and a few wild mint leaves.

bean and mint salad

We add the salt, olive oil and vinegar. Finally we complete with fresh cheese such as Feta in small pieces. We mix well and we can serve the bean and mint salad.

bean and mint salad
bean and mint salad

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