Powdery mildew of the sage

  Powdery mildew or white sickness is a cryptogamic disease, that is of fungal origin, which can affect sage plants and occurs on the leaves. This is the most frequent pathology among those that can affect this aromatic herb and occurs in particular with mild temperatures and high humidity. It is a very simple disease to identify: because the white patches that are seen on the leaves of the sage are very characteristic. A reader of Orto Da Coltivare, Barbara, asks me exactly what her plant can have, describing the symptoms of powdery mildew. I answer publicly because I think it may be useful for many to know how to defend themselves from this problem with natural methods and above all how to prevent it. Recognizing powdery mildew on sage Those who cultivate the vegetable garden will already know powdery mildew because it is a frequent pathology also on other cultivated plants, in particular on pumpkin and courgette. Powdery mildew is also called white sickness precisely because it work

lemon granita recipe Italian

lemon granita

lemon granita recipe Italian is an easy and successful recipe, ideal to be consumed in summer for its fresh, thirst-quenching and lively flavour. To make it, you do not need special equipment, nor the ice cream maker: the only tool you will need will be a simple fork! The quality of lemons that you will decide to use is also fundamental: I recommend the “verdelli” lemons with their unmistakable fruity and slightly acid taste, but any quality of lemon will be fine. Since the addition of zest is also included in my recipe,

I also recommend using organic or untreated lemons. This lemon granita recipe Italian is excellent as a dessert for your dinners on the terrace or as an afternoon snack, perhaps consumed on the return from a day spent at the beach. Offer it with your eyes closed to your friends … for sure they will appreciate its greediness and genuine flavour! Recipe suitable for vegans and gluten intolerant, it will make your children happy too!


350 g. caster sugar
1 litre of water
300 ml. organic lemon juice
Zest of 1 organic lemon

Preparation of lemon granita recipe Italian

The first tip for making lemon granita recipe Italian is to use a steel oven pan as a container for the mixture. This little trick will allow quick freezing of the granita halving the execution times. In addition, the large surface of the pan will facilitate the mixing of the granita.

Pour the water, sugar, lemon juice and zest into the pan. Then mix everything until the sugar completely dissolves.

Now place the pan in the freezer and let it freeze for an hour. After this time, the mixture will have formed a thin layer of ice on the surface and on the sides of the pan. With the help of a fork, break this plate trying to obtain small ice crystals. Put everything back in the freezer.

From this moment on, you will have to mix the granita every half hour, at least 4-5 times, always helping yourself with a fork, until you almost “scratch” the ice. The mixture, cooling more and more and thanks to the continuous mixing, will first take on the appearance of “crushed ice” and then, from time to time, will become more and more white and soft as snow. Then your lemon granita recipe Italian is ready! Then I usually serve it in cups, garnished with a lemon wedge and a mint leaf.


in the event that ice crystals have formed too large and difficult to break with a fork, you can help yourself by using an immersion blender, operating it for a few seconds. If you want to serve it in a different way from the classic “cup”, put two or three tablespoons of granita in a glass full of iced tea. Iced tea with granita is one of the typical drinks of the Sicilian summers.

lemon granita

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